Half Life 2: Deathmatch

HL2: Arena Spring Kickoff 2018


I. everythingFPS Sportsmanship

everythingFPS competitive play is based off of a tournament system which was created for players and teams to compete for fun and glory of FPS games. The tournaments are Community Tournaments and without a community we wouldn’t have tournaments to run.

We as eFPS admins hope to bring a fun and an enjoyful atmosphere to play at. Please remember we are here to keep things organized and we manage these tournaments completely out of our own time for you as players. With that being said, it is expected that all clan/team members are fully familiar with the rules.

Ignorance is not an excuse. All clan/team members are held responsible for the actions of their teammates. The poor decisions of one member may in some circumstances place the entire team at risk and so members are encouraged to educate their teammates on proper conduct and official tournament rules. Clans/teams and their members are required to respect the rulings of an administrator. Attempts to denigrate an administrator will result in a season long suspension of your clan/team.

All rulings are final. Play fair and have fun.

II. Pre-Game

Tournament will be Double Elimination
Players are required to be on Discord 30 minutes prior to check in for the tournament.

III. In-Game

All games are to be played on eFPS servers only, with arena mod.
Map Pool will be Spring Season Pool

IV. Post-Game

Take screenshots and report your scores on the eFPS Website with score screenshots.

V. Disputes

If you are filing a dispute of the match then you need to send the dispute via the dispute form. If necessary please provide links to screenshots or recordings of proof of what you are disputing.

At any time during your dispute the administrator may ask for screenshots and/or recordings. If they fail to have these items then the dispute can be nulled.

Disputes will be handled by the administrators and can take up to a week for a final decision to be made.

Any decision made by an admin on a dispute is final. Any further arguments may result in other consequences.

VI. Forfeits

If a team fails to show or forfeits it will be marked as a loss, if single elimination they are eliminated, otherwise they will have the opportunity to play their next game. If a second match is then forfeited they are removed from the tournament. If this occurs during an official eFPS tournament the team could face a 3 month suspension.

Note: On tournaments that span over multiple days/weeks matches are to be scheduled using the match communication area on the website, any disputes regarding scheduling through steam chat, discord, or another type of chat will be ignored.

VIII. Closing

All pictures on the everythingFPS website including the official Tournament logos are the property of everythingFPS.com and may not be reproduced modified or transmitted in any form or manner without permission from the director or managing administrator of the tournament.

We here at the everythingFPS would like to wish all the clans and teams to have fun and the best of luck in all their matches!

All league rules are subject to change at any time.


$100 to first place
$25 steam gift to 2nd place

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  • Bracket SizeNo Team Limit
  • Minimum Roster Size1
  • Maximum Roster Size1
  • Steam ID RequiredYes
  • Bracket FormatDouble Elimination
  • Start DateMarch 11, 2018 @ 11:00 AM
Rosters are currently: Locked
Tournament timezone is set to: America/Phoenix
You can modify your timezone in your profile.