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    everythingFPS and VG is proud to announce the inaugural season of the HL2:DM Pro Leagues!

    There will be 3 seasons throughout 2020 (Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020) for the following divisions:
    - 1v1 -> Link Here
    - 2v2 -> Link Here

    Depending on team count, placement of finish in each season will determine where you will be placed in the Tournament of Champions[ToC] at the end of the year. (Gold, Silver, Bronze) We currently anticipate three divisions for 1v1 and two for 2v2 (This may change if more or less teams sign up)

    Prize Pools are listed below. To qualify for the ToC, you must compete in each season and in each division you want to participate in.
    For example, if you play all 3 seasons of 1v1 but only 1 season of 2v2 you are only qualified to play in the ToC in the 1v1 section and not the 2v2. Also please note, if you receive 2 forfeit losses in a single season you will NOT be eligible for the ToC at the end of the year or payout of the current season. You must play all matches or make a serious effort to schedule your matches in a timely manner.

    All seasonal prizes:
    - 1st place 1v1: $50
    - 2nd place 1v1: $20
    - 3rd place 1v1: $10
    - 1st place 2v2: $100
    - 2nd place 2v2: $40
    - 3rd place 2v2: $20

    Tournament of Champions Prizes:
    -  GOLD 1st Place 1v1: $120
    -  GOLD 2nd Place 1v1: $60
    -  GOLD 3rd Place 1v1: $30

    -  SILVER 1st Place 1v1: $70
    -  SILVER 2nd Place 1v1: $40
    -  SILVER 3rd Place 1v1: $20

    -  BRONZE 1st Place 1v1: $40
    -  BRONZE 1st Place 1v1: $20
    -  BRONZE 1st Place 1v1: $10

    -  GOLD 1st Place 2v2: $240
    -  GOLD 2nd Place 2v2: $120
    -  GOLD 3rd Place 2v2: $60

    -  SILVER 1st Place 2v2: $140
    -  SILVER 2nd Place 2v2: $80
    -  SILVER 3rd Place 2v2: $40

    Each season will provide a different map list for each division. Maps will be determined by Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker

    The map lists are built in a way that benefits both the EU and NA map selections, we tried to balance them as best as possible and at the same time set it up so you will not play the same map in a future season -- this is to not only see abilities on all maps, but to get some variation into the game rather than playing the same maps every season. We feel it will help for the longevity of the game as well as the league. 

    Spring Season 1 Map List:

    1v1                 2v2
    ----------------                 -----------------
    aim_arena_reloaded dm_lostarena_rpg
    dm_intensity_cu dm_resident_cu
    dm_lostarena dm_caverns_r1
    dm_biohazard_cal dm_frenzy_cu
    dm_lockdown dm_lostvillage_r1

    Summer Season 2 Map List:

    1v1                 2v2
    ----------------                 -----------------
    dm_collapse_r2         dm_helix
    dm_caverns_r1         dm_lostarena
    dm_is_alive            dm_octagon
    dm_lockdown_r6 dm_lockdown
    dm_overwatch_cu dm_biohazard_cal

    Fall Season 3 Map List:

    1v1                 2v2
    ----------------                 -----------------
    dm_octagon                 dm_airfusion_final
    dm_tigcrik_r2         dm_collapse_r2
    dm_ethic         dm_overwatch_cu
    dm_lostarena_rpg        dm_lockdown_r6
    dm_aerowalk                dm_intensity_cu

    Map list for the ToC will be determined by top played maps from each season

    All games will be best of 3, all matches 1v1 and TDM will be 15 MINUTES(Yes TDM is 15 minutes as well) with Friendly Fire ON.  [PENDING VOTE]

    In the event that a player/team wins one game and ties the next, a third map will be played (You must win 2 games to win) If it is 1-1-1 after 3 games, the tiebreaker map is to be played again or until a team/player retains 2 wins. All tiebreaker games will use !run equalizer

    For full rule set, league dates, and sign up pages ->

    UPDATE 1/16
    For 2v2 Season 2 we have replaced dm_intensity_cu with dm_biohazard_cal
    For 2v2 Season 3 we have replaced dm_winterchill_r3 with dm_intensity_cu
    For 3v3 Season 3 we have replaced dm_np_refinery with dm_biohazard_cal

    (Stay tuned, more changes may occur before the start of Season 1)

    UPDATE 01/17
    We have decided to remove the 3v3 league and instead run two larger tournaments/cups at the beginning of Summer and Winter seasons.
    In doing so we have taken the 3v3 money and added it to the prize pools for the 1v1 and 2v2 leagues.
    We have made adjustments to the 1v1 and 2v2 map lists to better fit the competitive community. Here are the following changes:
      - Removed Zeta from 2v2 and added Collapse
      - Removed Frenzy from 1v1 and added Collapse
      - Removed Lostvillage from 1v1 and added Aerowalk

    Please note some of the maps have shifted around a bit on the list to ensure optimal cycles for each season.
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