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    Guys! I want to share skins buying strategy with you.

    I’m pretty sure that if you follow my lead, you will spend far less money, than if you would use steam market instead.
    So how does it work? You have to find alternate websites to Steam, the best option would be to pick the “newest” ones (which have been recently rolled out on market). Usually, they have some kind of discounts and sales promotions (0% fee or, cutting off the price, or skins giveaway)

    We are not interested in giveaways since we don’t know about the skins quality for sure, we might get (even if we get some). So, we need “special” deals. Let’s take, for example, service DMarket which gives you the opportunity of trading csgo skins. They have recently entered the skins market, so that’s why they have 0% fee and a price-off! And here is an option for us, to make some money, using this price gap, between the DMarket prices and the market prices. 

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