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    This thread outlines our imitative for a year-long Ranking System for all competitive Half-Life 2 matches - be them of the casual variety or league play. This ranking system will be broken up over the course of 4 individual seasons. The entirety of this is free to play, and you have the opportunity to earn 'cold hard cash' (via PayPal.) Please read our detailed list below in order to learn the specifics of how to go about participating. If you have any further questions - please contact us via discord

    Ranked Schedule
    Ranked Seasons are scheduled as follows:
    • Spring 2018 - March 11th to May 31st
    • Summer 2018 - June 1st to Aug 31st
    • Fall 2018 - Sept 1st to Nov 30th
    • Winter 2018 - Dec 1st to Feb 28th

    League Schedule
    * 1v1 and 2v2 Leagues with Sponsored prize pools by eFPS will also be on going with dates to be announced for each season. *
    1v1 Spring Kick Off Tournament - 1 Day Event - Double Elimination Tournament - March, 11th @ 9:00am PST - Sign up now HERE
    1v1 Spring League Season - 3 Week Season with Playoffs - Starts March, 15th - Sign up now HERE
    • 2v2 Spring League Season - 3 Week Season with Playoffs - Starts April 1st
    • 1v1 Summer League Season - TBD
    • 2v2 Summer League Season - TBD
    • 1v1 Fall League Season - TBD
    • 2v2 Fall League Season - TBD
    • 1v1 Winter League Season - TBD
    • 2v2 Winter League Season - TBD

    Servers, Stats, and Prizes
    All ranked stats will be available at when the season starts March 11th.
    For server information and prizes you can go here:

    Can I make a tournament where people come to my house and use nerf guns? cause I have some dope nerf guns.

    Amber, that sounds fun as hell bro, lets do it ;)
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