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    EverythingFPS's redefinition of the ranked community in Half Life 2: Deathmatch was nothing short of successful. The articulate ladder system created by our wonderful Sourcemod experts and gLeagues partners transformed the lackluster, casual nature of ranked play into a much more streamlined and rewarding experience. Although HL2DM is a small game, great work has been done to unify the remaining players into a fantastic community, and to also give EverythingFPS a cozy little home in the hearts of every deathmatcher.

    HL2DM is not the only arena FPS game lost in time. The recent release of Quake Champions (Beta) and the major, controversial, franchise changing alterations made, has split the entire Quake Community, nearly in half. On one side are long time, highly skilled Quake players who hold preference to the "truer" Quake games such as Quake III Arena and Quake Live, and the other portion consists of the people who accept the controversial change and look to a different future of the Quake series. QuakeCon and all other major sponsors have shifted to the latest title, ripping out the competitive heart that lived in Quake 3/Quake Live for nearly TWO DECADES. With the structure stripped from the game's ranked community, held together only loosely by high scores on , and with many players who have spent decades training on one of the most intense FPS games of all time desperate to arrange occasional pick-up-groups and duels, I believe EverythingFPS can come along and find make a cozy home in the hearts of every classic Quake player, as well. I believe that a well-timed tournament can put our brand in the spotlight of classic Quake's vacant ranked match scene, and can propel us into the eSports world on nearly the same familiar ground we found ourselves in with Half Life 2: Deathmatch.

    I have spent many hours on Quake Live playing and conversing with said former professional players to gather information on how a tournament is traditionally organized, and will try to compile some ideas for the future

    Let me know what you think!

    just came here to casually look around because i heard you were hosting dirty bomb tourneys and came across this thread and it made me register an account to reply....

    i couldnt agree more. im 37 and have been playing q3a almost my whole life. quake live might have been one of the greatest "remakes" of an amazing game that ive ever had the pleasure to replay, but the skill ceiling in it is extreme, and therefore, has zero mainstream appeal. i think it could find a home here if you can appeal to us old schoolers and do what we did with enemy territory back in the day and twl. completely revitalized the community by hosting tourneys, and taking the community opinion into account.

    good luck in all future endeavors. im sure ill be lurking around

    Hey shaftz0r, 

    Thanks for the comments! We would be more than happy to host some QL stuff. Where is the best place to reach out and get the attention of the community for an event like this?

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