Spec Ops Pt 1 - Early Access Build 21

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    EA21 is the first half of the two part Spec Ops game mode overhaul - introducing improvements to stealth AI, an objective screen and ingame dialog support!

    Spec Ops now generates a scenario with multiple objectives, which you can tackle in any order you'd like. Objectives range from eliminating officers to destroying vehicles and ammo boxes, with more objective types being planned for the next part of this update in EA22.

    When playing as Eagles, you will take control of TALON, an elite spec ops branch of the Eagle military. TALON is commanded by the Eagle Advisor, who now appears with her update look, with artwork by long time community member and illustrator Starstrafe.

    EA21 also overhauls the night vision and squad order menu. You no longer need to carry the specific item to use these features, just hit their specific keys which can be rebound in the input options menu. Night vision has also been improved, with glowing soldiers, making it easier to see the soldiers on the battlefield.

    Finally, EA21 adds a new Patriot Tactical variant, featuring a suppressor and a laser sight, making it a perfect companion for stealth operations!

    Full change log:

    Spec ops improvements:
    - Added 4 objective types, increase the game length value to get more objectives at once!
    - Spec ops defender AI now has significantly reduced sight range
    - Spec ops attacking AI will now only fire on enemies that have been alerted
    - When playing as Eagle using the default soldier models, you will play as a TALON soldier.
    - Added dialog chatter between the attacking team and their HQ leader.
    - Added detection indicator.
    - Added slow detection, where AI will not immediately spot you if you are far away.
    - Spec Ops enemies will now be alerted by sounds such as nearby unsuppressed gunfire and vehicles
    - Attacking team now keeps a closer formation, should make it easier to navigate levels without one of them running to weird places while following the player.
    - Improvements to spec ops defender pathfinding, should solve cases where all defenders are stuck in a single spot on custom levels.

    Game improvements:
    - Improvements to stealth AI and systems
    - Removed night vision item, night vision mode is always available by pressing the night vision (default N)
    - Squad order menu is now always available by pressing the squad menu key (default B)
    - Improvements to actor animation blending.
    - Actors will now glow slightly in night vision mode.
    - Cool fade in effect when you start a game (WOW!)
    - Added cool new tactical patriot version with suppressor and laser sight!

    Ingame map editor:
    - Added many new textures to the ingame map maker, including solid color textures.
    - Improved the ingame map maker texture search function to scroll up to the top results.

    Planned additions for Part 2:
    - More objective types.
    - Enemies that roam the level and look for you.
    - Expose new stealth/story functionality to Ravenscript.

    I hope you'll enjoy this update! Please look forward to the additional Spec Ops mode features coming in EA22!