Crowbar Collective is Hiring!

  • Do you aspire to work on video games, or are you already in the video game industry? Crowbar Collective has some fantastic opportunities for those with an exceptional attitude and the skills to match it! We have put together a superb group of people throughout the years from all over the world, and now we are looking for more.

    We are currently hiring for the following positions:

    • Character Concept Artist: Contract - 3-6 Months
    • Character Artist: Contract/Part-Time - 3-6 Months
    • Environment Concept Artist: Contract
    • Texture Artist: Part-Time - 10/20 Hours Per Week
    • Source Programmer: Part-Time
    • Business Developer: Full Time

    To learn more and apply, go to our website by clicking here.

    If these positions do not fit you, please share it with those who might be a suitable candidate.

    We’re interested in building a team, not just a game. Come work with us!