NMRiH2 - Screenshots from a Playtest!

  • Yeah, we know we're slow, but we are alive! Well, that's debatable, seeing as how we all just got SLAUGHTERED in our latest playtest after a team meeting. Enjoy some screenshots! There are some *BUGS* in these shots, such as floating guns, debug texts, clipping things, but you know that is expected, and it will all be fixed.

    We haven't really spent much time on the art for the UI/HUD stuff, so it's all placeholder and temporary. That includes the tooltips on interactables, and the ammocheck UI.

    Night of the Living Dead is almost wrapped up, it's getting to the point where the map is mostly done we just need to finish up zombie and item spawns, as well as all the interactables like doors, computers, safes, generators, all that kind of stuff. They're getting in slowly, but we're almost ready to switch over to Brooklyn Heights!