September 2019 Hotfix update

  • Hey everyone, dropping this small hotfix update that addresses a few issues that came up after release of the September 2019 update.

    Complete list of changes is as follows:

    • Fixed FPS issues after the update
    • Fixed an issue with Global NWVars not syncing to client when set during server start up
    • A few improvements and fixes to addon menu and custom .gma files
    • Fixed host_timescale not resetting with sv_cheats 0 and causing all entities to appear laggy/stuttery
    • Fixed NPC driven vehicles not driving at all, such as the Combine APCs on Half-Life 2 maps

    Server owners only need this hotfix if they use the SetGlobalX functions in Lua.

    If you are still wondering about the Half-Life 2 style crosshair after the update, simply restarting your game should fix it for you.