Hello, we're back here with another re-work, this time it's focused on the map originally called Bhop_Let_me_go. The mapper was the author of such notable maps as bhop_tropics, bhop_silence and the infamous bhop_height, and this was one of the final maps he ever put out before he went on hiatus. The textures were never pak'd (which means put into the map, so basically the map had 0 textures), and has never been fixed for over 5 years, so we took the liberty of fixing this, while retaining every single aspect of the map.
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  • NAME: bhop_let_me_go_v2
  • AUTHOR: andey939393
  • GAME: Counter Strike: Source
  • VIEWS: 1032
  • DATE ADDED: January 24, 2020
  • LIKES: 7

bhop_let_me_go_v2 bhop_let_me_go_v2 bhop_let_me_go_v2


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