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Recent News

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    Team Fortress Classic update released

    An update for TFC is now available: Fixes and Updates Fixed server crash when a medic heals a spy that was infected by an enemy medic while feigning death Fixed holstered weapon incorrectly showing when [...]

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    Team Fortress Classic updates released

    This list covers the releases between March 20 and April 15 that are each part of a series of security updates. Larger changes: Added privilege checking to command execution. Commands originating [...]

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    Team Fortress Classic update released

    A small update for TFC is now available: Engine Fixed bug in skybox image loading Fixed bug in demo command processing Prevent certain path characters from being used in commands Enforce certain extensions be used for files specified in some commands

Game Info

  • NAME: Team Fortress Classic
  • PUBLISHER: Valve
  • RELEASE DATE: April 07, 1999

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