everythingFPS.com Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is everythingFPS?

A. everythingFPS is an online gaming website community that gives members the power. Create your own tournaments and upload your own content for your favorite FPS games.

Q. Why should I register for everythingFPS?

A. By registering you get full access to join any tournament on the site, upload your own personal content, and purchase awesome eFPS gear!

Q. Is my information safe?

A. Yes. Your personal information is protected under the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Q. How does the support system work?

A. We like to keep things organized here at everythingFPS so we do our best to separate help, issues, and requests. On the forums you will find 3 sections in which you can post in each one of those categories. If you need immediate assistance you can ping a discord admin and hop in the support voice channel if available.

Q. Does everythingFPS only host tournaments and content for FPS games?

A. Yes, we don’t like clicking on maps to move our character 2 inches, sorry.

Q. Can you win cash or prizes in tournaments?

A. Yes! In the tournaments section all tournaments highlighted with a red background are eFPS official tournaments and are guaranteed to provide cash or another prize option, just check the prize section of the rules.

Q. How do I become an admin for everythingFPS?

A. Currently our admins are hand selected by invite, but you can request either via the forums or our discord server.

Q. Do I have to pay to play in tournaments with prizes?

A. No, all tournaments are free to enter and always will be.

Q. How will prizes be distributed?

A. All physical prizes will be shipped to a mailing address provided by you. All cash prizes will be sent via PayPal. All electronic prizes such as game codes, etc will either be sent via a personal message or community tool (i.e. Steam, Orgin, etc) depending on the specifics of the electronic prize.

Q. Do I have to enter a new team for each tournament?

A. Yes, each tournament is different so you will need to create, or join a new team for each tournament you participate in.

Q. Does everyone on my team need an eFPS account to play?

A. Yes, every member of your team must have an account as well as join your team with the join link you receive when creating your team.

Q. Why does everyone have to have an account?

A. Everyone having an account not only helps us keep track of who has participated in our tournaments, but also in the event that we hold tournaments in which previous winning teams get banned from future tournaments (i.e. lower level tournaments) then we need to weed out the players that have won in the past. Not to mention you must have an account to run the anti cheat software.

Q. Why isn't the game I play on everythingFPS?

A. Though we have a wide array of games to choose from not all games are on everythingFPS yet. You can request a game when adding content, creating a tournament, or by posting in the forums.

Q. How do I create an avatar for my profile?

A. Avatars come solely from linking your steam account to your profile. If you would like an avatar you can link your Steam profile and it will pull the one from steam automatically!

In the event that this page did not provide you with an answer you were looking for you can view our video tutorials for basic functionality or our support section on the fourms or discord channel!