After a long hiatus, today eFPS is excited to announce that we have partnered up with VG to bring the uncompromising VG experience to North America! Meaning we will have brand new US based servers running the VG setup, it has the exact same functionality as the current EU VG servers, so stock HL2:DM gameplay with the exact same features! You can join vg3.hl2dm.org for the Illinois server to check it out! For the west-US region we will be launching a Seattle server somewhere this month. We are also excited to announce VG is now the official home for the eFPS HL2:DM tournaments, which will be starting at February (We hope to have both US servers up and running by then)! We are looking forward for this new expenditure and hoping to have a bridge the gap between the EU and US communities, as well as adding to the challenge! Thank you for playing with us and have a great time! - Humam, Henky, and Da11aS