About everythingFPS.com

EverythingFPS began simply enough. It was, and still is, an idea – the concept that gamers deserve better. Computer gaming shouldn’t be broken into different websites for different services. Gamers shouldn’t need to go one place to look at user modifications and another to compete. We shouldn’t settle for six websites when we need just one.

That was the idea that sparked EverythingFPS in March, 2010. A law student, Brian Fuller, and his online friends began what turned into a year-long quest in search of the perfect gaming portal: no fees, no spam, and no bullshit – a noble goal. When Brian started working toward EverythingFPS, he envisioned a community-driven place where users could view skins and maps, play in tournament matches, berate each other on forums, and generally engage in everything that makes us love FPS games.

Brian had an idea, but he didn’t have the skills to make the idea a reality. For that, he needed a passionate and dedicated group of guys. Sean Woods, one of the most talented computer programmers in Texas, came on board. Then Francois Provost, Montreal’s best graphic artist, lent some Photoshop magic. Finally, when Sean needed to bow out, EverythingFPS was given its greatest architect.

Where others would have been apathetic, Will Burwell was passionate and dedicated to the EverythingFPS vision. His hand ultimately made this dream a reality. It is because of him that EverythingFPS exists today, and there’s no one more deserving of this site than he.

From Will and Brian, and everyone else who’s helped them along the way, we extend to you our most sincere thanks. You, the users, make eFPS who we are. We may have brought EverythingFPS to this point, but you will control the future. And we look forward to what the future holds.

EverythingFPS Administration