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    New Dev Video: What's in the Melee Mayhem Update

    Hey all! The Melee Mayhem update is live! But what was in it? Community Spotlight: Swartz Twitch channel - Follow [...]

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    PAYDAY 2: Spring Break 2018

    Spring Break starts at 17:00 CEST on April 23rd and continues until April 29th. Enough sun, pool parties, and alcohol - it's heisting time! Spring Break 2018 This years Spring Break will be 7 Days [...]

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    Russian players not being able to play

    Hey everyone, We're aware of issues with players in our Russian community not being able to play Dirty Bomb. There are ongoing issues between the Russian government and Amazon web services, which [...]

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    The horror of Vault 11

    Nestled in the mountains, the door that leads to Vault 11 is the kind you see hammered onto a shack. It is rotting wood and nails and spider webs clinging on to existence like the people of Fallout's post-apocalyptic [...]

  • 6 2018

    (Image credit - @AndyThybo) is celebrating its fifth birthday this weekend! To celebrate, they're returning to screens once again; offering jumps, pubs and, most importantly, more hugs! Tune [...]