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HL2: TDM Tournament Announced
By: Da11aS - July 10, 2014

The Summer 2014 Half Life 2 2v2 TDM tournament has been announced! Sign ups are now open. Rules and map list soon to come. Tournament will be played on a weekly basis (or sooner depending on team availability) Prizes to be announced soon as well.

Congrats Sentre!
By: Da11aS - July 07, 2014

Congratulations to Sentre for winning the HL2:DM 1v1 One Day Tournament over the past weekend. If you missed any of the action you can check out the live streams via our Twitch TV channel. Direct Link: http://www.twitch.tv/everythingfps/profile/pastBroadcasts
We will be announcing another HL2:DM tournament by the end of the month so stay tuned!

HL2:DM Prize Package
By: Da11aS - June 30, 2014

The prize package for the Half Life 2: Deathmatch 1v1 tournament on July 6th has been announced. The winner will receive an eFPS T-Shirt and Headset. Runner up will receive a T-shirt. Sign ups are now open at: http://www.everythingfps.com/tournament.php?id=41 Join today before spots fill up! Maximum of 36 teams. Single Elimination, good luck!

HL2:DM Tournaments Announced
By: Da11aS - June 30, 2014

eFPS will be holding a 1v1 one day tournament this Sunday, July 6th. We will also put up sign ups for a 2v2 tournament, with weekly matches. Stay tuned for more information to come as far as maps and rules.

Tournaments Return to eFPS
By: Da11aS - June 30, 2014

Welcome to Summer time! eFPS is back with some competition for everyone! We are looking forward to an action packed summer. We have HL2:DM and L4D2 locked in to host a few tournaments this summer. We are also looking to add TF2 and CS:GO to the mix, so stay tuned!